10 chick flicks you must see

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREI really enjoy movies nights with my girls. Seriously what is better than hanging out with your friends, sharing secrets, eating ice cream and watching chick flicks all night long ? Yeah, what a dumb cliché…but hell it feels good don’t you dare lie ! So here’s my top ten chick flicks, the choice was hard believe me !

1. Love And Other Disasters
If you hate tacky romantic comedies, this one’s for you. It’s funny, refreshing and smart. I enjoyed the brillant dialogues, the british humor and the self-irony. Brittany Murphy played her part adorably well and really catches the heart of the viewer. Gorgeous shots of London, super witty and great performances, what’s not to like ?

2. Love, Rosie
Here’s a predictable but charming love story adapted from the novel by Cecelia Ahern. It’s heartwarming, romantic and sincere. We may see the end coming but the journey is full of ups and downs that make the movie much more enjoyable. Collins and Claflin were brillant leads with great chemistry on screen. Not much else to say, a cliché that works !

3. Love Actually
So, i’m pretty sure this one is on your list too ! It’s a deeply loving film rich in character, what’s not to like ? It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me smile, it was clever and delightful. The ultimate holiday romantic comedy !

4. About Time
This movie is well thought out, charming, witty, intelligent and sweet ! It balances well between comedy and drama giving the whole story real depth and heart. I loved the emotion and the poignancy, it was a delight to follow those characters’ journey. A must-watch !

5. The Vow
Basically, if you’re a romantic drama type, you’ll love this movie ! The story and dialog were very believable and realistic, and it was pleasingly funny in places. It is a very poignant and emotional film, especially because it’s based on a true story. And yeah, i shed a couple of tears…

6. A Walk To Remember
A moving and sincere story that’ll definitely make you cry ! It has all the right ingredients : love, romance, action, sorrow, and happiness. This movie, adapted from the book by Nicholas Sparks, has truly profound depth, impeccable performances, solid direction and good pacing through a difficult story. This is really not another teen movie i can assure you !

7.  The Notebook
If you haven’t seen this yet…are you living in a cave or what ? The Notebook is a truly remarkable film ! Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, it feels like you are reading a diary watching this film, that’s how detailed and wonderful it is. It’s really moving and passionnate. By the way, don’t forget your tissues !

8. What If
Here’s a fun and fresh comedy. Sure the end is predictable but it has all the ingredients to an enjoyable watch ! This movie has lots of sweet and amusing moments between the leads and i found it endearing and relatable.

9. One Day
One Day is a mixture of romance and drama in the right measure adapted from the novel by David Nicholls. Excellent performances, script and soundtrack. And without spoiling you, the ending was unexpected and kind of bitter sweet which is quite rare in chick flicks. In all, a very thouching movie !

10. Chalet Girl
This movie looked good but to be honest i didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. The storyline was very typical however the script was very well written. I enjoyed the sarcastic dialogue, the witty characters and the setting of the gorgeous Alps.

  • Are any of those on your list ?
  • Any other movies that should be on mine ?

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