Review : the OC, Fox

Yes, i know what you’re going to tell me, this is an old tv show indeed but quite worth a review i think. Maybe you’ll even want to do a rewatch after reading what’s next… This american teen drama television series originally aired on the Fox network in the United States from 2003 to 2007, running a total of four seasons. It received generally positive reviews from critics, especially for the first and second season. However, the third one was met with mostly negative reception before coming back with a brand new energy for the final season.

What’s the storyline ?Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Created by Josh Schwartz, the OC portrays the lives of a group of teenagers and their families residing in the wealthy, upper-class, seaside neighborhood of Newport Beach, in Orange County, California. A troubled youth, Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie) winds up in the midst of this high-class society. He is adopted by the philanthropic and wealthy Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) and Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher). Along the seasons, we watch Ryan and his « brand new » brother Seth (Adam Brody), a socially awkward yet quick-witted teenager, dealing with life as outsiders and navigating their relationships with girl-next-door Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton)  and Seth’s childhood crush Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson).

Should i watch it ?

The OC is a show both witty and self-aware. It touches on themes such as inter-generational conflict, social class, alcoholim and drug addiction, political activism, emotional insecurity… These topics are tackled sometimes with lighthearted comedy and sometimes with heightened drama which makes the OC a surprisingly enjoyable TV soap opera. You get quickly drawn in and you can easily relate to the struggles the characters are going through even if their day-to-day lives are completely foreign from our own (i don’t know about you, but i do not have a pool in my house, i don’t own a boat or fancy clothes and jewerly that cost a arm and a leg…). Of course, it is sometimes corny, melodramatic and predictable, but hell it works ! The plus? A great soundtrack !

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  1. The OC will always be one of my favorite shows! I agree with you, there are great themes and even greater ways to treat them, that’s what’s making this show so good 🙂

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